BBC America Primeval Series 4 Reair Schedule


For those who haven’t seen this elsewhere!

Weds. 11/2 3a: 4x01 
Thurs. 11/3 3a: 4x02
Sat. 11/5 4a-7a: 4x01-4
Weds. 11/9 3a: 4x03
Thurs. 11/10 3a: 4x04
Sat. 11/12 5a: 4x05,
2p-7p 4x01, 2, 5, 6, 7 and then the series 5 debut at 9p

Fair warning that some cable providers use the channel’s East Coast feed, so some West Coasties may see this show up 3 hours earlier than the listed times.

Confused? Consult the schedule on!

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